Day In The Life (Blog)

Received a note in the mail today

11/12/2015 – Acupuncture baby #72 is on the way.

10/23/2015 – Acupuncture baby #71 is on the way! What a great way to start the weekend! It took fourteen months of hard work. Yeah #71!

8/17/15 –  The US military did a study on both depression and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

They compared acupuncture treatments to those treatments currently being done by the military. The study concluded that acupuncture is more effective than the treatment current treatment methods.


Truth be told, the results would have been higher in favor of acupuncture if they had me or anyone i went to school with do the treatments.

Author of the slides above and the study.
Efficacy of Acupuncture for PTSD in Military
Personnel: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Charles C. Engel, MD, MPH
Colonel, Medical Corps, US Army
Director, DoD Deployment Health Clinical Center at Walter Reed
Assoc Professor & Assist Chair (Research)
Senior Scientist, Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress
Department of Psychiatry
F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine
Uniformed Services University


6/5/15 – I treated 2 women in their 70’s with knee pain.  One patient’s condition improved by 95% and the second only improved by 5%.

6/4/15 – A female patient in her 20’s had a 50% reduction of acne after 4 visits.

5/26/15 – Acupuncture baby number 70 is on the way.  It took 26 months but we have a positive. You have to be patient.  Good work mom and dad!

5/12/15 – A patient lost her sense of smell after a car accident that occurred almost 50 YEARS AGO.   After 2 treatments she was baking with her granddaughter and her sense of smell returned. The first thing she smelled in 50 years was STRAWBERRY SHORT CAKE!

No one is more amazed then me.

4/28/2015 – Acupuncture baby 68 and 69 are on the way.

3/12/2015 -After 2 visits new patient suffering from daily migraines reported having 1 headache the day after the first visit and 0 headaches since the second visit.

3/3/2015 – an infertility patient who been receiving acupuncture 2-3 times a  month for a year, with one  failed pregnancy during the course of treatment, reported that her first IVF attempt was unsuccessful. Treating infertility is difficult and requires great patience. If you are not a patient person do not treat infertility. A negative result elicits so many different emotions for the couple trying to conceive. The doctor, acupuncturist, and patient do everything within their power to help the process along and yet the results are not always positive.

2/10/2015 – a young lady I am treating for acne had a 30% improvement since her first treatment last week.  I used a new acupuncture technique I developed last month.  Very happy with the results.

2/7/2015 – I am treating an infertility patient with the purpose of increasing the thickness of uterine lining.  After the 4th acupuncture visit the patient’s medical doctor reported a significant enough thickening of the lining to proceed the  IVF cycle (ultrasound).

1/23/2015 – Created a new acupuncture technique for the treatment of cystic acne. My last patient treated with this condition required 9 visits and had a 95% reduction in new acne. The scaring from prior outbreaks remained.

1/23/2015 – I’ve decided to start documenting some of my work online.

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