Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is commonly treated with acupuncture.  The majority of shoulder disorders respond positively and quickly to acupuncture.

Below are some of the types of shoulder disorders frequently treated at my office.

1. Arthritic Shoulder – symptoms include shoulder pain that is worse with changes in weather, cold weather, and damp weather. Patient has difficulty rotating or lifting the arm and has other arthritic joints.

2. Tendinitis – frequently caused by over use of the joint or a weakness in the joint that is easily aggravated by use.

3. Frozen Shoulder – can be easy or difficult to treat. Many of patients require only one or two treatments to resolve this disorder. However, those with a physical obstruction in the joint require a longer period of treatment.

4. Torn Rotator Cuff- this condition can benefit from acupuncture provided the patient is not a surgical candidate. Acupuncture with help to your speed your recovery from surgery or help a minor injury completely heal.

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