Constipation is a frequently treated condition. Constipation is defined as a period time, 3-5 days, where a normal bowel movement has not occurred or the stool is hard, difficult to pass, painful to pass, and/or the abdomen is bloated.

Water plays an important role in having a successful bowl movement. As an older brilliant Chinese doctor in acupuncture school would say in broken English “you need water to float a boat.”  It was funny to hear him say this as he walked around the clinic.

Fatigue Constipation
Fatigue is a common cause of constipation; you need energy to move your bowls. The focus of my acupuncture treatments will this pattern is to strengthen the digestive and respiratory systems.

Emotion Induced Constipation
Stress commonly causes constipation. I see this pattern frequently in my practice. Many parts of the digestive system can be adversely affected by stress.

Fluid Loss or Anemia Constipation
Symptoms of this condition includes hard difficult to pass stools, pale tongue, light menstrual cycle, pale face, dry skin, and other dry symptoms.


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