Cold & Flu

How do I treat common colds with acupuncture?

Most of the acupuncture points for colds are on the upper body. When a needle is inserted into the body, your immune system is redirected to the needle. Since most colds are acquired by touching your nose, eyes, mouth, and ears. Directing your immune system toward the colds entry point helps your body defend and defeat the virus or bacteria. Now this is a very simplistic explanation but it can serve as a starting point for your understanding of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The common cold tends to spread in the spring and fall like an epidemic. As soon as people start to close the windows and doors, combined with fluctuations in temperature from hot to cold, with little movement of air in the houses and work spaces, we see a spread of this disease.

Symptoms include cold symptoms, no perspiration or light perspiration, headache, runny nose, aches and pains that move from location to location. Patients frequently feel better when leaving the office but still need time to rest.

As the cold weather becomes more prominent at the end of fall, and with fewer opportunities to open windows the flu season begins. The symptoms frequently seen with flu include fever, sweating, sore throat, vomiting, and cough with or without phlegm.

Fatigue Colds
Fatigue colds tend to occur suddenly. This type of cold occurs after long hours of work, study, inactivity, excessive exercise, infrequent vacations, and/or a stressful event. Symptoms to look for are frequent incidents of colds, cold symptoms, fatigue, weak voice, and sometimes shortness of breath.

Summer Flu
An unusual flu that usually occurs during the summer months.  I have treated this type of flu on about 5 occasions. Symptoms of this flue might include sore throat, fever, lots of sweating, vomiting, and the patient is usually unable to work for a week or more.

One patient had such a severe case of summer flu. The patient’s medical doctor ordered a CAT scan to rule out a recurrence of cancer. The patient improved quickly and returned to work after 2 treatments.

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