Q & A

1. How many treatments do I need?
A good rule of thumb is if you feel 25% improvement after one treatment then four visits will be required. A 50% improvement after the first visit then you will probably require two or three treatments. In the event you only feel a 10% improvement after one office visit then ten treatments will be required. Although I wish I could help everyone some conditions require a team approach and others simple don’t respond to acupuncture.

2. How does an acupuncturist treat common colds?
Most of the acupuncture points for colds are on the upper body. When a needle is inserted into the body your immune system is redirected to the needle. Since most colds are acquired by touching your nose, eyes, mouth, and ears. Directing your immune system toward the colds entry point helps your body defend and defeat the virus or bacteria. Now this is a very simplistic explanation but it can serve as a starting point for your understanding of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

3. How does acupuncture fix an elbow or knee type of disorder?
One of the ways acupuncture works, is to start a sequence of events that occurs naturally when the body is injured. When an injury occurs, a patient usually experiences PAIN, REDNESS, SWELLING, and STIFFNESS at the location of the injury. This is how your body keeps you from moving around when it is attempting to fix an injury. Remember you are a self-healing organism and that is the power behind the miracle of life and how acupuncture works to resolve neuromuscular injuries.

Now sometimes the body does not have the time or resources available to completely heal an injury. The acupuncturists will then trigger the natural sequence events defined above, by inserting a needle into the affected area of the body, and then the healing sequence defined above starts again with each treatment.

4. What is the difference between a Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.) and a Medical Acupuncturist?
A Licensed Acupuncturist is a highly trained health care provider. Licensed Acupuncturists must attend an accredited college to ensure both safety and good treatment results for the patient. Typical training for Licensed Acupuncturists varies but ranges from 3,000-5,000 hours of clinical and class room training.

A Medical Acupuncturist is a health care provider who lobbied to bypass the national requirements for the practice of acupuncture. For your safety and the health of your family we do not employee medical acupuncturists. The typical training for medical acupuncturists is 100-300 hours of class room study.

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